What I Do

What I Do - Websites

My computer graphic design work dates back to around 1997 when I first became interested in developing websites. I started with with websites for my Army Reserve Unit, Karate School, and Policemen’s Benevolent Association Local #75. This took off from a hobby to several commercial sites at the end of the 1990′s. Throughout the following decade my skills increased and I took on projects designing websites for local restaurants, businesses, politicians, and personal interests.

HTML was the basic Internet language to start, but delving into database driven websites I soon learned ASP 3.0 with connected Microsoft Access databases. For highly graphic websites it was necessary to learn Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash and some 3D programs. Many businesses lacked professional identity packages, so I would often start from scratch providing sharp vectorized logos which could be reproduced on the web or on print media.

Content Management Systems have been an area of interest in the past few years, offering website owners the ability to update their sites through a database driven back end administration console. My experience is that many owners, focused on their business operations, rarely updated their websites. Instead, most people prefer to hire a designer to make updates, or they simply let their sites become stale.

Through my experience, entrepreneurs who want a professional web presence tend to want to hire a web designer to both create a website and to provide some sort of maintenance option. This second option keeps the designer involved in the running of the website, and the owner retains a professional who can work out any technical issues when they eventually arise with the Internet Service Providers regarding hosting and domain parking. It is also a good idea to have someone around who can easily make updates or add new design elements.

I am a graphic designer, and I’ve been focusing on creating websites since the 1990’s.

Designing websites is not an accurate description though, because current technology is so vast, and different websites use different technologies. So here is a list of what areas I have specialized in, focusing on the Internet, but also including other computer design skills.

Computer Language:

  • HTML – Basic Internet Language
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheets for Format
  • ASP 3.0 – Connecting Websites to Microsoft Databases
  • PHP – Programming language for SQL Databases and Linux

Computer Graphics:

  • Photoshop – Editing Photos & Graphics
  • Illustrator – Creating Vector Graphics – Logos & Designing precise Print Media (Business Cards & Brochures)
  • Fireworks – Combines Photos & Vectors Graphics for Websites
  • Flash –  Vector Animation (Photo Albums, Video Players, Animated Logos)
  • Dreamweaver – Website Layout

Design Applications:

  • Currently focusing on WordPress websites
  • Content Management System websites using ASP & Access
  • Some E-Commerce, but usually limited to Paypal
  • Logo Design, and re-creation using proper line art or vector
  • Photoshop photo editing
  • Digitizing forms and letterhead for new electronic forms (Word Templates & PDF)